Casemaster Super Bee Black Dart Case


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When you have an especially small set of darts you need an especially small case in which to carry them. Look no further than the Casemaster Super Bee Three Dart Nylon Dart Case! Constructed from tenacious nylon fibers, the Super Bee combines both enduring strength of materials with ultra portability for a complete package. The Super Bee packs enough storage in a small package to suit the most serious darters. The prized possession of any darter is their darts, and the Super Bee can store three of them, a complete set! Each dart is snugly slotted into place with elastic straps to prevent the darts from moving, which could cause breakage. This case is designed with ultimate portability in mind. This is one of the smallest profile cases, the easiest to carry yet. The case is specially suited to fit our line of Bee darts, fitting their super short barrels and shafts to a tee. In addition to dart storage, the Super Bee can hold an plenty of extra dart supplies to keep you on target and your darts in top form. With extra pockets for flights, shafts and tips, you'll always have a replacement set. Finally, this great looking durable case is backed by GLD Products 90 day guarantee, should something go wrong.