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Viper League Pro Sisal Dartboard Starter Kit


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Viper League Pro Sisal Dartboard Starter Kit

Become a darting ace with the Viper League Pro Sisal Dartboard Starter Kit. This 17.75” professional-quality steel tip dart board is made with self-healing sisal fibers to ensure a long life. The scoring segments are separated by a circular steel spider-wire and the inner bullseye is staple-free to help you hit your target, reducing bounce-outs and deflections. The League steel tip dartboard also features a highly visible white number ring that is also movable. This allows you to detach it and rotate your board, reducing wear on the most used sections, significantly extending its life and saving you money! This starter kit includes a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser, a set of steel tip darts, easy-to-use mounting hardware, and a game manual so you can get playing right out of the box.

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