V-Lux Glitter Flights Standard Assortment - 50 Sets


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V-Lux Glitter Flights Standard Assortment - 50 Sets

For darters that love variety in their game, the 2D Glitter Flight Assorted Bag provide 150 flights in 50 sets! Such a massive amount of flights does not mean you are getting lower quality. These are our signature 2D Glitter Flights that thousands have come to know and love. All of the marks of quality are present in these flights. 100 Micron thick construction gives a solid flight and reduces flimsiness. When a flight is a solid shape, your darts will fly true in a straight trajectory arc. The spectacular 2D holographic designs are shown to jump off the flight to a dazzling effect. Included in this set you’ll find 50 assorted sets; flight shapes and colors may vary.

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