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Viper Dart Accessory Tune Up Kit, Steel Tip Darts


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Viper Dart Accessory Tune Up Kit, Steel Tip Darts

All the tools you need to take your dart game to the next level are included in one convenient package with the Viper Dart Accessory Tune Up Kit by Viper. This kit takes aim at maintaining steel tip darts, so your equipment is at its very best. The most frequently replaced item on a dart is the flight, and this dart accessory bundle has four sets of them to keep you covered. The Viper flights are all of the same level of high quality you’ve come to expect. To protect your flights, also included are a set of flight deflectors. Securely fastened to the back end of your flights, the deflectors will help to prevent damage to your flight from incoming darts. Moving down the dart, we have included two sets of replacement shafts. Both sets feature locking holes to give you extra leverage as you attach the shafts to your barrels, so you won’t find yourself retightening shafts after just a few throws. One set is a tough lightweight aluminum set for maximum aerodynamics and high speed. The other set features Spinster shafts. The end of these shafts rotate freely so your flight move out of the way of incoming darts. This is shown to reduce bounce outs and deflection, increasing your score. For extra security on your shafts, a set of O-Rings is included to fit over the threads of your shafts to eliminate wobbling and stabilize the trajectory of your darts flight.

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